Ashley is as good as it gets and I highly recommend her to anyone! My wife and I were completely over the moon with her professionalism as well as her great character. She is full of patience and knows how to make your event dreams into a reality. We'll always be grateful for all she did for us on our special day. 5 stars!


When my husband proposed to me in June of 2015, my excitement was also mixed with extreme anxiety over how I would make a wedding. I never pictured myself having 'wedding wedding'. On top of that, there were so many things that would've made planning a wedding on my own impossible.

Enter our angel, Ashley Silver.

When I first met with Ashley, I knew she GOT it. She set me at ease immediately. We set the date for December 27, 2015 and even with only 6 months, I knew we'd be just fine because we had the most thorough, communicative and organized wedding planner. 

Ashley became part of our family. Since our parents live so far from Nashville and my husband and I travel for music, we all depended on Ashley for so many things and she was so patient and reliable. 

Our wedding was perfect for the two of us. It felt like a big backyard party at Christmas time, lovely string lights and simple, elegant flowers. We were so happy and grateful! Ashley is passionate about making her events special. I trusted her guidance and experience and knew that anything she made would be beautiful. 

Most importantly, she's a joy to be around. Planning a wedding is an intimate experience with the people who help to make it happen. She calmed my nerves. Every vendor loved working with her and my family and I truly think of her as an angel! She helped make an otherwise NON wedding girl very happy she had a real wedding! 


OH MY GOD I cannot recommend Ashley Silver enough! We booked her to plan our wedding and her work surpassed what I could ever imagine. She made every step of the process easy and manageable and made everything a breeze. As most brides, I was anxious about the big day, but felt so much better after working with her. She was professional, organized, calm and always had brilliant ideas. Everyone was so impressed with how the event turned out and everything went smoothly. I had so many compliments and even had friends ask for her information for their own weddings/events. I could not recommend her enough!


You guys, Ashley Bourque (Ashley Silver) is the best there is. Our day was PERFECT! Living about an hour outside of Nashville, we wanted to work with someone in Nashville who knew everything there was to know about all of the vendors. First of all, Ashley is so calm and collected through everything (which is great if you are the type of people who get anxiety about things). She gave her suggestions after we described what we wanted and of course said if we didn't like any of the vendors, there were plenty of other options (but we LOVED everyone she suggested -- not only amazing but all very reasonably priced). We are pretty easy going people and our answer to a lot of questions was usually "whatever you think is best", so we got a lot done right out of the gate. Ashley would occasionally shoot me a text saying "hey! you need anything from me?" and I'd be like "nope! need anything from me?" haha and she didn't because she NAILED IT! We have been married a month tomorrow and people are still talking about how amazing our wedding was :)

If I could rate Ashley higher, I would. She was the glue holding our perfect day together.